Moe then

Moe now
me-men-to (noun) ~ a reminder of the past, a keepsake (souvenir).

MoeMentos is a family-owned and operated business. The founder of MoeMentos is Maureen Hermsen, aka “Moe.” Maureen has a B.S. and a M.A. in Elementary Education, but has spent the last several years at home with her family. Her babies inspired many creative birth announcements, holiday cards, and other fun correspondence using photos. As Moe's personal mailing list grew, so also did requests for other people to have cards “just like Moe's!”

Thus, MoeMentos was born as word spread of these unique photo cards. (Click here to read recent press about MoeMentos Custom Cards). Because our business is very small, you will most probably be working with Moe herself to design and create your photo card.

Our mission is to turn your cherished photos into cards that become mementos for those you love.